The Advantages of Mausoleums

If you’re pre-planning funeral and cemetery arrangements or grieving the recent loss of a loved one, the mausoleum option for remembrance is worth consideration for several reasons. Just what is a mausoleum? It’s an above-ground collection of spaces called crypts, where bodies are entombed. These free-standing structures are constructed from ultra-durable materials like marble and granite that reliably stand up to and shield remains from the elements, making these crypts cleaner and dryer than the in-ground burial alternative. But, there are many other benefits to mausoleum burial.

Mausoleum Cost

We’ll start with the myth that mausoleum interment costs more than in-ground burial. Turns out just the opposite is true as entombment in a community mausoleum can currently save around $1,750 for those pre-planning now.

How? In-ground burial costs can add up, starting with the lot purchase. You must also consider payment for vaults, interment charges and monument, which can total an estimated $10,750 for two. Conversely, a double crypt in a mausoleum runs around $9,000 in total.

The Buying Process Simplified

The main reason for these savings is the avoidance of all the third-party costs that go into burial. With mausoleum interment at Woodlawn Cemetery in Syracuse, for example, the vaults, monument and lettering are all taken care of on-site. With entombment costs, it comes to that $9,000 figure we used earlier for a double crypt.

A lot goes into a lot for in-ground burial. It costs about $2,200 just to reserve the property. Add the two vaults you need to purchase from a funeral director ($3,000), interment fees charged by the cemetery ($2,050), and the cost of a monument from another vendor ($3,500), things quickly escalate to around $10,750.


Mausoleums are far more accessible than in-ground lots, where visitors might have to trudge through snow to get to come wintertime. In Syracuse and Central New York where inclement weather is common, this is an important consideration when planning final arrangements.

Mausoleums are maintained year-round, including the winter months. Some even house the crypts indoors for extra comfort.

So, how would you like to be remembered? Mausoleums are a cost-effective and convenient option you can learn more about today. Call (315) 479-5826 or send an email to schedule a visit to Woodlawn Cemetery in Syracuse and see all the advantages of mausoleum interment for yourself.