Awareness of cremation has increased over the past couple decades to the extent that it’s not only acceptable, but in many cases preferred. People select cremation for a number of different reasons.

For some, cremation is considered the last part of the funeral service. Others choose to have their remains buried in a cemetery, above-ground mausoleum interment or even placed in a glass niche.

We believe it is important for every person to have a place where they can be remembered. If you or a family member wishes to be cremated, we encourage them to have a place in a cemetery where future generations can come and visit.

Woodlawn has a long tradition of assisting families with cremation burial and remembrance choices from mausoleum interment to glass niche placement to in-ground burial.

The Cremation Center at Woodlawn

The Cremation Center at Woodlawn offers Central New York families another option for memorializing loved ones. This structure was built to accommodate the growing demand for cremation and host memorial services as well.

The 7,300 square-foot Cremation Center at Woodlawn gives families the option to limit transport of remains and accompany a deceased loved one to the crematory. The serene surroundings, including beautiful glass niche options, comfort friends and family. A chapel is also available for viewing or services. Cremation continues to grow in popularity as the practice surpassed in-ground burial for the first time just a few years ago. Woodlawn Cemetery has added facilities and services to accommodate such trends over its 140-plus years.