Why Woodlawn?

In addition to the park-like atmosphere and beauty of our grounds, our responsibly invested trust ensures your memory will be preserved for all time. Permanent maintenance is included in all burial rite purchases.

Why pre-plan?

If a death occurs without a plan, there are many decisions for your loved ones to make in a short period of time. In many instances, people have not discussed these issues.

Also, purchasing the property and covering service fees in advance can save money. Cemetery property usually increases in price every year. By purchasing your space before you need it, you have the opportunity to lock in the current prices, saving money over the long term.

Can I pre-pay my final expenses?

At Woodlawn, once you have burial or mausoleum space, you can pre-pay for all the services associated with that, including the opening/closing and the cremation itself. This locks in the price and thereby potentially saves money, as these prices increase often. We also have interest-free payment plans to help work with any budget.

Do I need a funeral home?

Yes. In the case of any death, you need a licensed funeral home to perform such services as transportation and certified preparation in New York.

Can I be buried with my family that’s already there?

At Woodlawn, we look at each individual case. First, do you have the heirship right to be buried there? Second, is there sufficient room? Finally, can you have a permanent memorial of some sort? 

If the answers to all these questions are all yes, then you can choose in-ground burial with your family in most cases.

What cremation services does Woodlawn offer?

As of October 2016, Woodlawn now has a state-of-the-art crematory where we now can cremate people with dignity and respect. We provide cremation alongside all of our other services.

Where can I access burial records?

Please contact our office for any burial record questions or requests. All burial records of Woodlawn Cemetery are private and confidential to Woodlawn Cemetery only. Genealogy requests are accepted and fulfilled as time permits. 

Note: Woodlawn Cemetery is in no way affiliated with findagrave.com and locations listed on findagrave.com may or may not be accurate.