The Advantages of Pre-Planning Your Funeral Plans and Cemetery Arrangements

First, there’s the uncomfortable nature of the topic itself. Despite the obvious benefits, pre-planning funeral and cemetery arrangements is unpleasant to consider or discuss for most.

But, it is on the minds of older adults. A 2010 survey by the National Funeral Directors Association found that while 66 percent of pre-seniors would prefer to pre-plan, only 25 percent had done it.

Certainly, the grim subject matter contributes to that. But, as difficult as it is to think about final arrangements ahead of time, it can be nearly as challenging to begin the process.

The starting points are as numerous as the considerations and costs, so where to begin? The most permanent pre-planning decision – the final resting place for yourself or your loved one – may be the best place to start.

Location of Funeral and Cemetery

This might be the most critical consideration when pre-planning your final arrangements. Naturally, you want yourself or loved one to be close to family and friends and you’d like the right environment for them to visit.

Whether planning cremation, burial or mausoleum interment, any formal memorial will be located in a cemetery.

Understand All Your Cemetery Choices

There are a lot of important decisions associated with cemetery arrangements and many more than you might think.

Just a sampling of the choices includes:

  • In-ground burial
  • Multiple plots
  • Family estate
  • Single plot with multiple cremains
  • Cenotaph
  • Flush granite marker
  • Bronze marker
  • Above-ground mausoleum interment
  • Individual crypt
  • Double crypt
  • Cremation
  • Cremation burial and remembrance
  • Cremation and mausoleum interment
  • Granite slab
  • Glass niche

A cemetery’s staff has the ideal experience and expertise when it comes to guiding you through these choices.

Pre-Need Price Lock

Cemetery arrangements can double the cost of the average funeral. Pre-planning locks in prices that increase every year, offering one of the biggest places to save when it comes to final expenses.

The median cost of a funeral was about $7,200 not including all cemetery arrangements in 2014. That’s typical increase of about 30 percent from just 10 years before.

Cemetery arrangements for mausoleum interment, in-ground burial or cremation burial and remembrance can easily match or exceed funeral costs. So, locking in prices for mausoleum or burial space now can curb the overall cost of funeral and cemetery arrangements to the tune of thousands of dollars.

Funeral Service Guidance

There are some 19,391 funeral homes in the U.S. Naturally, cemeteries have working relationships with the numerous options in your area and can make recommendations or even act as liaisons.

Woodlawn Cemetery in Syracuse is a nonprofit organization with a 140-year history of honoring the legacies of Central New Yorkers. Consider starting here.