Now You Can Search Lots at Woodlawn Cemetery Online

A new feature on the Woodlawn Cemetery website allows users to search a definitive collection of burial records and get basic information about relatives interred here.

The search requires only a first and last name. With the click of a button or tap of the screen, users will find the birth and death dates as well as the location of the deceased. They’ll also see some snapshots of the headstone or mausoleum niche.

“Woodlawn has always looked to serve the public as times change,” Woodlawn Cemetery Superintendent Steven Sloane said. “We always look to serve families the best we can, from having the products and services they need to also having the customer service to back that up.”

The online information is accurate and insightful, but in cases where more information is needed, relatives can still contact Woodlawn at any time. In fact, there’s a button to click or tap for that as well, making the lot search feature even more convenient.

Other click (or tap) options include the ability to see a plot on a Google map or even share the burial record on social media. To streamline the process for mobile users, an app is currently in development.