We plan for college, weddings and retirement. Why not plan how you would like to be remembered?

When you pre-plan your own final arrangements, you save your family time, money and additional emotional stress at a difficult moment.

If a death occurs without a plan, there are many decisions for your loved ones to make in a short period of time. In many instances, people have not discussed these issues.

When a family pre-plans, they can take the time to learn about the choices and costs. You can then share this information with your family, giving you peace of mind that your family knows your wishes.

Purchasing the property and service fees can save money. Cemetery property usually increases in price every year. By purchasing your space before you need it, you have the opportunity to lock in the current prices, saving money over the long term.

Woodlawn is pleased to offer pre-planning services to families. Our caring staff of experts will explain all the options available to you. There are convenient interest-free payment plans available.

You can share this information with your family and give yourself peace of mind that your final wishes will be fulfilled.

To learn more, reference our FAQs, contact our office at 315-479-5826 or email us info@woodlawnsyracuse.org to arrange a convenient appointment.


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