In-Ground Burial

Traditional full interment in the ground remains a preference for many families. Woodlawn offers numerous options for in-ground burial in different areas of the cemetery. The choices vary depending on the type of monument, desired the number of burial spaces and the area of the cemetery.

Landscaped Lots

In our newer sections, the grounds incorporate a backdrop of trees and shrubs to provide a garden atmosphere. This modern design is a change from the traditional row of monuments. Lots in this section can be for one, two, three, four or more graves. This area is limited to upright monuments only or flush granite markers on selected single graves. We have many lots available in sections 64 and 66.

Established Sections

Throughout Woodlawn, we have sections that have lots or single graves available. If you have family buried here, we may have something near your relatives. The lots have a variety of monument or marker options and one, two, three or four graves are available.

Memorial Park Section

Woodlawn also offers families a section in the cemetery that has no headstones. Our section allows only flush bronze markers to memorialize family. For some, this alternative provides a more park-like atmosphere compared to the sections featuring monuments.

Private Estates

Woodlawn also offers families the ability to create their own private estate. Whether it be a private mausoleum or a large family lot and memorial, there are a number of locations and designs we provide.